Surviving Your Split


Divorced and tired of being treated like a doormat?

Divorced and tired of being treated like a doormat?

It happens all the damn during divorce time and you’re probably not even aware of it. Or you are aware of it, but you just accepted it as a way of life. The boss just *assumes* you’re going to work late…even though you already made plans. Your ex texts you,…

Wanna feel better after divorce? Quit apologizing.

Wanna feel better after divorce? Quit apologizing.

Ever been in a situation like this before, before or after your divorce? You don’t pick up the phone in time and when you call the person back, the first words out of your mouth are “I’m sorry.” You bring store-bought cupcakes to your friend’s party and you utter “I’m…

Tired of feeling angry all the time?

 Hello, Friends! As you recover from your divorce and move on, there is one all-too-common emotion that causes you way more headaches than you need. Anger.  Being ticked off.  The persistent rage that will not leave you but could jeopardize your future relationships. To start off with, there is something that…

What to do when you can’t do it yourself.

Hello, Friends! We’ve definitely covered a lot over the past couple of months, haven’t we? We’ve dug into why New Year’s resolutions are stupid. We discovered the more practical way to make your goals manageable.  And in a perfect world, you would easily be able to break your goals into…

Want your confidence back in 2018?

Happy New Year, Friends! Now that the holidays are over, we usually tend to feel one of two ways. Some of us are super-excited and motivated to start the year off right. Then there’s the rest of us. You know–those of us who are like, “Ughhhhhhh January is so depressing!…

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