Surviving Your Split



You’ve gone through months—even years—of a bad divorce and you are ready to get out of your rut. You are *finally* ready to put yourself first, leave the past behind, and get your confidence back.

But you’re nervous and not sure where to start.

Basically, you want to find your tribe of people.

This is the one thing I keep hearing over and over from you all—from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, at all stages of your divorce.

“I wish I could find other people out there to talk with. I feel so alone.”

“My family and friends don’t understand why I’m not over it yet.”

“Nobody gets what I’m going through.”

“I’ve tried to go online to find support. But everybody’s story online is so depressing and it brings me down. I need something more uplifting.”

“Are there other people going through the same stuff I am that could give me some advice?”

“I’ve been through a lot and would really like to help others starting their divorce. I don’t want them to make the same mistakes I did.”

You feedback got me thinking…why not create a group that does just that?

So that’s what we’re doing.

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of The Divorce Tribe.

When you join The Tribe, here’s what you’ll get:

–Monthly live webinars that will show you exactly how to get out of your rut, accelerate your recovery, and get your confidence back

–Live group coaching sessions where we dig into your specific divorce challenges, tear down of the obstacles that keep you from moving on, and discover how to break through the divorce BS. And you’ll get to meet other Tribe members, too!

–Lifetime access to webinars and coaching session recordings so you can accelerate your recovery on your schedule

–Exclusive access to the private Divorce Tribe Facebook group. You’ll connect with other members who can’t wait to help you get out of your rut. Finally, people who actually get you

–Weekly accountability emails to keep you moving forward so you never feel alone or stuck

–Mind-blowing premium content in the private Facebook group. Imagine—live Q&A sessions, fun challenges with awesome prizes, and hand-picked resources guaranteed to make you feel better faster

–Your chance to be part of the inaugural Divorce Tribe—an exclusive group guaranteed to help you move on…all at an awesome intro price

If you’re ready to accelerate your divorce recovery, click to join us here!

Just imagine—your chance to join a discreet divorce community with no bitter weirdos—a place that builds you up, keeps you accountable to your recovery, and fill you with the confidence you deserve so you can shake off your past and move on.

You’ll get exclusive help when you need it. No more internet rabbit holes. No more depressing shitty online divorce forums. Just premium, private divorce recovery assistance guaranteed to get you out of your rut and moving on faster.

If you want to get out of your rut, join us by clicking here!

Here’s the thing though—admission into The Divorce Tribe closes on Friday March 30th at 11:59 PM EST. And since this is the first time we’re launching, you get the special intro price of just $49 a month. Next time we open admission, the prices doubles.  So, if you’ve been looking for quality support guaranteed to help get your confidence back, join us now.

Picture yourself—finding your confidence, *finally* feeling better, and getting out of your rut. All in a completely discreet group, away from weirdos, creepers, and whiny complainers.

But you can only join until  Friday March 30th at 11:59 PM EST. The doors close after that. And when they open again, the price doubles.

So, will you join us? Click here to see you inside!

Is The Divorce Tribe Right for Me?

Some of you are on the fence right now, wondering if this investment is right for you, and if it can actually help you get out of your rut and move the hell on.

I’ll be honest—The Divorce Tribe is not for everybody. You can go to any divorce forum—hell, I’ll point you to a few—if you’re looking for free advice from random weirdos asking about their legal settlement or complaining about what an asshole their ex is. But that’s not what we’re doing here.

In fact, here’s how to know if The Divorce Tribe is NOT for you if:

  • You expect results without putting in the work

  • You can’t commit 2-3 hours a week on your recovery

  • Your current support system gives you everything you need

  • You love feeling sorry for yourself but don’t want to do anything about it

But, your divorce recovery was anything like mine, it’s hard for you to find practical, no-BS divorce help. It’s also hard for you to find a quality group of people you can connect with that actually get what you’re going through. If you want the same thing so you can get out of your rut, then here’s how you’ll know if joining The Tribe is for you:

  • You still feel stuck and are not sure how to move on

  • You want to meet others going through divorce that will lift you up, not drag you down

  • You’re looking for fail-proof, no-nonsense recovery advice without spending hours online

  • You’ve tried to join other groups but they didn’t help

  • Your ex has moved on, but you feel like a failure, wondering why you’re not over it

  • You want a place where you feel welcome, encouraged, and not judged

  • You realized you can’t recover alone and want an accountability partner to get you unstuck

  • You’re tired of feeling lonely

  • You’re ready for change and want to get out of your rut

Want to be a part of the exclusive community that has your back? Join us today!

Don’t forget—the doors to the group close at Friday March 30th at 11:59 PM EST.  

And the next time we open, the price doubles.

Top 10 Questions you’ve been asking before joining The Divorce Tribe

As a member of The Tribe, you will connect with other amazing divorcees, attend exclusive webinars and monthly coaching guaranteed to accelerate your divorce recovery and regain your confidence. Plus, you’ll get exclusive premium content unavailable anywhere else.

But you may still have some questions before you join.

Here are the answers to the most common questions readers like you ask:

  1.  Is the tribe for both men and women?

Yes!  Both men and women are welcome. The only requirement is that you want to get out of your rut and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future.

  1. What if I don’t use Facebook?

Not a problem. You’ll still have complete access to our monthly webinars, live coaching calls where your biggest challenges will be solved on the spot, as well as receive personal accountability emails to keep your recovery on track—all of these things won’t require Facebook.

  1. I’m nervous about privacy. What if I don’t want anybody to know I’m in the group?

Your privacy and comfort are my top priority. Membership in the tribe is completely secret to outsiders. Once you join The Tribe, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the private Facebook group. All instructions for attending the webinars and coaching sessions are sent to your personal email. Nothing will be on your social media feed. Hell–you can even hide your real name in the webinars and group coaching if you want.

  1. Can joining help if I’m just thinking about divorce and haven’t started the process? What if I’m in the middle of divorce? Or, what if I’m already divorced and figuring out my next move?

Yes to all three! We’ll have members from all stages of the divorce process, so there will always be someone in the group who can give you advice because they’ve been there before. And, of course, I’ve got your back through all of it. I am your CDC Certified Divorce Coach © with years of experience with clients at every stage of divorce. And I’ll be in the group to give you the no-BS guidance you deserve so you can regain your confidence and move on with your life.

Ready to Join us? Click here for your special intro price of just $49

  1. I’m kinda shy and usually don’t speak up during webinars or online.  Can The Divorce Tribe still help me?

Absolutely! While you’re certainly encouraged to share your story with others, you do not have to interact if you don’t want to. Just reading and listening to what other people say in the group will accelerate your recovery. And you’ll still receive lifetime access to the webinars, group coaching calls, weekly accountability emails, and access to exclusive content guaranteed to get you out of your rut.

  1. What if I can’t make the monthly webinars or coaching calls?

No worries! Each of those monthly webinars and coaching  calls will be recorded and available if you cannot make it to the live session, and you will have lifetime access to that material.  A few days after each one, you will receive a link to access it. Imagine—recovery and no-BS help on your terms.

  1. Is the Divorce Tribe only for people in the US?

Noooooo!!! The readers of Surviving Your Split come from all around the world, and membership is open to you regardless if you live in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, South Africa….wherever you call home. And if you can’t make the live community call-ins due to the time difference, you’ll still have lifetime access to the recordings, weekly accountability emails, and access to the exclusive support group.

  1. How can I pay?

When you’re ready to join, CLICK HERE. You’ll be taken to our secure payment site. If you have issues with the payment process, let me know and you’ll be assisted right away.  

  1. Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.w

  1.  Have another question?

Hit reply and I’ll be happy to help, or email me at

Click here to enjoy your special intro price

Looking forward to having you join our Divorce Tribe, but remember, the doors close at  Friday March 30th at 11:59 PM EST.

Still Nervous about joining The Divorce Tribe? We got you!

So, I get it. Investing in yourself and your future can feel overwhelming.

Divorce has a way of screwing with your self-esteem, your identity, and your life. It’s understandable if you have fear about committing to something else.

Let’s talk about that for a second—let me share with you some of the common fears that readers just like you have before signing up.

I’ve visited online divorce communities before and they weren’t helpful.

Same. When I was going through my divorce, I visited those same online forums and they sucked! People whined a lot and told a lot of sob stories,  which was super depressing. And when they weren’t complaining, they were bitter and angry, looking for free advice on how to screw their ex. Or, grossest of all–they were skeezy creepers, treating the online communities like a dating site.

Ugh. Not helpful. And when I went to websites that seemed more gentle, it was all just a bunch of excessive positivity and cheesy bullshit. The kind with rainbows and vision boards–the shit that makes you roll your eyes.

You know that Surviving Your Split doesn’t play that shit. You’re a reader because you like practical, no-BS information you can actually use to move the hell on. And The Divorce Tribe will build on that. We are NOT like those other divorce forums. Our community is exclusive (nobody outside the private group sees you), action-oriented, safe, and a way to connect with other members who also want to get out of their rut. You won’t find gross creepers. But you will find fool-proof ways to recover faster and people who will hold you accountable.

I don’t want to be judged or torn apart by strangers.

You won’t be. The Divorce Tribe has specific “don’t be an asshole” guidelines. If you’ve ever a judgmental asshole, you’re kicked out. And if you ever have issues, all you have to do is email me and we’ll get it resolved lightning fast so you can continue to recover quickly and move the hell on.

Remember, this is not a random free divorce community where any weirdo with internet can join. We’re classy as hell.

I want to join, but I’m self-conscious about speaking up in the community.

Don’t worry.  While we’re all about encouraging conversation in The Tribe, it is perfectly fine if you would rather just chill and read what other people have to say. Reading and listening to other folks can be a tremendous help. The Tribe is not a high school math class—-nobody is going to call on you for the answer.

Click here if you’re ready to join us

I’m already divorced, so I’m not sure the Divorce Tribe will help me.

The Tribe is for folks at all stages of divorce. As you know, the work isn’t done just because the papers are signed. If you’re already divorced or you’re getting there, The Tribe is perfect for you because we’re going to dig deep on how to get unstuck, be financially independent on your own, and get your confidence back. Plus, there are a lot of folks just starting divorce or in the middle of it who would love your advice.

My situation is so crazy/sad/frustrating that nobody will understand me.

When it comes to divorce, nobody is a unique snowflake. I know this because in my years as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach © and contributor to Huffington Post–the thousands of people I’ve helped all want the same damn thing. You want to get out of your rut. You want to connect with others who understand you. You want to move on with your life.

Don’t underestimate the support that The Tribe will give you. Regardless of your situation, you will recover faster when you join. You will regain your confidence when you join. And you’ll get out of your rut and on with your life when you join.

I’m not that good with technology.

If you can turn on your computer or use your smartphone, you will have no problem with The Divorce Tribe. If you can click on an email link, you’ll have no problem with The Divorce Tribe. And if you know how to dial a phone number, you’ll have no problem with The Divorce Tribe. And if you ever have any issues, all you have to do is email me for priority tech support.

Too easy, right? Click here to join us.

I’m nervous about sharing stuff with strangers.

The Tribe is not a godawful corporate icebreaker. Nobody will ever force you to share things you’re not comfortable with. Membership is completely confidential. And if you’re still nervous, you can use an alias during the webinars, group coaching, and private Facebook group.

Money can be tight and I’m worried about finances.

Think of all the stuff you mindlessly spend money on every month with nothing to show for it. I spend more every time I walk into Whole Foods thinking I’m just there to pick up a few bananas. You probably do, too.  

But for less than the price of your monthly internet bill, you’ll get exclusive lifetime access to divorce webinars and group coaching guaranteed to accelerate your recovery, weekly emails that will get you out of your rut, plus 24/7 outreach to a community of people rooting for you.

Bottom Line: you won’t find these life-changing benefits and a community this focused on your recovery at this low price point anywhere else.

Look, I know you may be hesitant to invest in yourself. Society, your ex, your family, and whatever bullshit from you past might have you thinking it’s selfish. Well, to hell with all that. When you choose to value yourself, your recovery, and your future, you’ll find a way to make it work.

Seriously. If you don’t invest in yourself and put yourself first, who will?

I don’t want to be locked into something.

Joining The Divorce Tribe is not some crazy timeshare you get tricked into signing. No mobster will come after you if you sign up and choose to leave. You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice. No hassle, no scams, no questions asked.

Not trying to sound cheesy, but I care about you and your divorce recovery. You deserve to get out of your rut, get your confidence back, and put the past behind you. But I know it’s hard to do it alone.

I want you to heal and move the hell on with your life, and meet some amazing people along the way. And I wouldn’t have created The Divorce Tribe if I didn’t. You deserve to put yourself first for a change. But this invitation and intro offer go away on  Friday March 30th at 11:59 PM.

If you’re ready to get your special intro price, then join by clicking here!

One Final Word…

You deserve to accelerate your divorce recovery. To make connections with people who get you. And to get the no-BS advice so you can move the hell one with your life.

You may be nervous or hesitant. But remember, The Divorce Tribe will support you, accelerate your recovery, show you how to get your confidence back, and get you out of your rut.

But enrollment—and the special introductory price—ends at Friday March 30th at 11:59 PM.

So click here if you are ready to get out of your rut.

See you in The Tribe,



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