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Divorce Coaching

What the heck is a divorce coach?

A divorce coach—particularly a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®–is a trained and certified professional that will help you navigate the divorce process so that you can feel less overwhelmed, more confident, and able to make the best choices for you and your family. Divorce coaches are trained to help clients at all stages of their divorce–whether it’s thinking about divorce, going through a divorce, or recovering and moving on from divorce. With a divorce coach, you will have a supportive, unbiased, and nonjudgmental partner by your side.


What can a divorce coach do for me?

Divorce is hard. Your life has been hijacked and you wonder how you’ll manage the legal, financial, and emotional craziness without going insane. You deserve someone on your side. A divorce coach can help you:

  • Avoid the common (and hidden) divorce mistakes 

  • Prioritize and focus on the things that are most important to you

  • Save time, money, and emotional energy

  • Figure out which divorce process is best for your situation

  • Communicate better with your spouse (or ex)

  • Prepare for your visits to your lawyer, mediator, or other divorce professionals

  • Build your confidence and find your voice again

  • Navigate your divorce with less stress and drama

  • Move on and let go of fear, resentment, anger, and heartache

  • Prepare for the next chapter in your life–one that you will absolutely love!

Heads-Up: A divorce coach is NOT…

A divorce coach is NOT a lawyer, and cannot give you legal advice or represent you in court. Only attorneys are authorized to do that! However, I can help you find a divorce lawyer in your area, and I can help you prepare for your sessions with him/her so that you feel less overwhelmed and not intimidated. I am here to guide you through the divorce process so you do not feel so overwhelmed, and so that you can feel confident as you move on with your life.

A divorce coach is NOT a therapist, either! Think of the difference this way: a therapist helps you explore your past to uncover some of the issues that may affect what is going on with you right now. However, a divorce coach is not focused on your past. Instead, we help you look at where you are right now, where you want to be, and help you plan for your future.

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3 thoughts on “Divorce Coaching

  1. Ivan

    Hi, my name is Ivan.

    I am ready to get divorced after many years of sexless and apparently loveless marriage from the side of my wife.

    How much do you charge for advice, counseling ?


    1. Martha B Post author

      Hello Ivan! Thank you for reaching out! I sent you an email to your yahoo address, have you received it?

      I am currently running a divorce coaching sale where you can book a 60-minute session for $50. This sale runs through the summer and you can book as many as you like.

      To make an appointment, please click the link below:

      Sessions are usually via Skype or on the phone, but if you are are in Washington DC area we could arrange to meet in person.

      If you would like further information about how coaching can help, you can find some more information here:

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.



      Surviving Your Split

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