Surviving Your Split

Divorce Coaching Packages

Divorce at all stages can feel overwhelming, but with me by your side, we can definitely make it less stressful for you with the following divorce coaching packages.

All packages include personal coaching sessions that focus on your needs, a follow-up summary and action steps to keep you on track, and a bespoke list of resources.

Package 1: Starting the Divorce…from overwhelmed to organized

  • Discovering all available options
  • Figuring out which path is best for your situation
  • Understanding the divorce process so you know what to expect
  • Assisting with the logistics (gathering documents, etc)
  • Getting clarity of your finances and creating a budget
  • Showing you how to save time and money during your divorce
  • Assembling your best divorce team
  • Learning how to find the optimal lawyer, therapist, and other professionals for your situation
  • Identifying your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals
  • Creating a plan of action that will help you heal and move on
  • Anything else that is causing you stress

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Package 2: Navigating the Divorce…surviving the insanity without going insane

  • Identifying the common divorce mistakes and learning how to avoid them
  • Developing solutions when you feel like the lawyers are not helping
  • Creating stress-free strategies in case your spouse is being uncooperative
  • Finding a great support system for you
  • Discovering how to save money on legal costs
  • Formulating a parenting plan
  • Making a budget and learning to stick with it
  • Rising above the drama so that you can make better legal and financial decisions
  • Strategies for coping when you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, or sad
  • Developing goals and creating a plan of action to keep on track and accountable
  • Anything else you need to help you get through the craziness

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Package 3: Recovering from Divorce…moving on and taking your life back

  • Discovering how to let go of all the negativity that may still linger
  • Learning how to get your confidence back
  • Rebuilding your self-esteem
  • Establishing your financial independence
  • Develop strategies for re-entering the workforce
  • Learning how to establish healthy boundaries with everybody in your life—especially family members
  • Embracing solitude and loving being alone
  • Understanding if you are ready to date again, and the best way to date after divorce
  • Developing new goals—personal or professional—and creating a plan of action to stick with them
  • Whatever else you need to move forward, take your life back, and get the happiness you deserve

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