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How awesome will your 2017 be?

How awesome will your 2017 be?

Happy New Year, Friends! 

It certainly has been an eventful year–this amazing community continues to grow as we learn how to recover, heal, and empower ourselves to take our lives back.

As you can attest, the journey is never easy. And there are days where all you want to do is put the covers over your head, stay in bed, turn out the lights, and not emerge.

When this feeling strikes, remember the following:

  • You are stronger than you can imagine

  • You are smarter than you give yourself credit for

  • You deserve a life of happiness. 

I am so excited to share Surviving Your Split’s newest project with you in the coming weeks! 2017 is the Year of Taking Your Life Back, and I can’t wait to share with you all the secrets that will empower you to let go of the self-doubt and regret so you can live the rest of your life on your own terms.

I’d love to hear what your biggest challenge is right now! What’s keeping you from moving on and taking your life back? Email me and let me know!

Want to review the great content from 2016? Head on over to the blog  for a reminder of just how far you have come. Click here to get there!

As we wind down from the roller-coaster that was 2016, may you take the time to reflect on how far you have come. 2017 will be an amazing year for you and just remember that Surviving Your Split is with you every step of the way.

Until next time,  remember to take care of yourselves! You deserve it.

See you in 2017!



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