Surviving Your Split

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Get Your Life Back: The Ultimate Divorce Guide to Rise Above the Drama, Get Your Shit Together, and Love Yourself Again.

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For folks who aren’t ready for my one-on-one coaching programs or advanced online courses, this eBook is the best way to get rid of your divorce guilt, anger, and grief.

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When I was going through my divorce and trying to make sense of my life,  it was all a giant shit show and I had no idea what I was doing.

It took forever to figure out just what I wanted and I made a crapload of mistakes. But after years of working with divorced women just like you, knowing how to help is now second nature.

So today, I wanted to show you the main sections of Get Your Life Back . I think you’ll see something you like.

If even one section grabs your attention…grab the eBook.

Part One: Help! I’m Getting Divorced!
Part Two: My Divorce is a Shit Show…and Not the Fun Tijuana Kind.
Part Three: Moving On is Tough! But You’re Tougher.
Part Four: Hey, You Got This.

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PS–Each section is packed with exclusive content, systems, and tactics that I use with private coaching clients…but now in a completely accessible eBook.

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